The Sims Tips & Secrets

"If you dont want that people enter your lot just enter Move_objects on in the cheats bar.Then Click in build mode on the place where pedistrians normaly enter your lot.Then if you have down the screen something saying 'Pedistrians enter delete it.Now thiefs can''t enter your lot anymore,but the papergirl can''t enter also.Deside wise! " - Sypy

"This will only work if you have a chemistry set make a new sim with no personality and finish off you family and once you are living in a house buy a chemistry set and keep on making potions until you get a yellow potion if you dont get it the first time delete the chemistry set and buy a new one if you delete it befre the day is over you will get your full money back, anyway if you drink the yellow potion all your personallity points will reverse so if you had 6 you'll now have 4 and if you have none you'll now have full points!!!" -  Jackass

"when you invite someone you love on vacation (if you have the vacation pack installed) you could have them *play* with you when you're going to sleep in a tent. ( doesn't work in a bedroom). so first rent the tent and send your sim ta bed. ( if you invited a person who doesn't love your sim then this will not work, also if your sim is a grump then this won't work ) so then your sim would be sleeping and the guest is just standing outside waitin. then the guest will walk up to where you entered the tent and will call your name like " kalieo!" or "Basnavada!" or something. then your sime with walk to the edge and grab the guest and start to go inside with kisses and i think humpin sounds or something? then after a while they will start to snore. oh and when thier "doing it" if you look in the back of the tent and stuff, you will see covered up spots which usually block the sims naked bodys. but this trick will not work with a grouchy sim because when the sim calls that grumpy sims name the grumpy sim will look outside and shake thier head. then the other sim with kinda be like saying "what did i do to you?". and the grouchy sim will go back to sleep and the other sim will stay outside not being able to come in. so this most likely tells people that sims can cheat on thier wife or husband..." - foxyloxy

"yes, it is true that if you do the Move_objects on tip and delete ur sims they WILL loose their job and/or new skills but they will not loose anything if you have the job & skills for at least 4 sim days" - im not telling

"Ok peeps,

when you don't pay the bills that are in the mail box this guy in a green vest comes with his gun thing and takes one of your furnishing. A way to not get the object taken away is to select the object and click onto it. Say if the guy takes a picture you click the picture and select view. Good luck on your game!" - C.u.t.i.e