The Sims Tips & Secrets

"My brother was on the internet downloading stuff and he came to this paladins palace thing. He downloaded this baby picture and when ever your sims view it all their moods (hygiene, bladder etc) are full to the top with green. You can get to paladins palace by going to google and typing in Sims Objects." - Sanaca

"If u want to b promoted in your job, then you need friends just throw a party and talk to all of them so that u will know their numbers so that u can call them anytime... be sure to sell your left overs to have extra money..." -  -=ME=-

"Iam mostly sick for this... if you want to kill fo a large group iof sims in a fun way then does this in order: 1 buy and lot and move in the family 2, fill the lot with trees and wold flowers useing rosebud to pay for it 3,build a house around the small forest 4, buy rocked loauncher 5,set of rockets This will set the woods on fire cause ing a forest fire and becaue it is indoors the sims can't get way/" - RB

"Have you ever seen your Sims coughing alot? You probably used to or have a guenia pig in your house. Its called the Guinea Pig Diease. If your sims have it for about 7 sim days they will die. Theres only one way to cure it.(I think) Get a potion kit and keep making potions. There is a 1 out of 10 chance you will get a white potion. White potions only can be made by and infected sim. A white potion will heal you.(then get rid of the guinea pig, duh!) If you have an infected kid well he's gonna die. They're annoying anyway. To avoid all this.............. DONT GET A GUENIA PIG!" - Joker10229


when your sims get sick from the guinea pig desease there are a few ways to cure it! ONE: Lock your sim in a room with a very comfy bed and make sure they sleep alot and eat good (adda bathroom) if they hang around other family members the desease will spread! 2: buy the Lonely Guinea Pig Painting. 3: get the chemistry concotion set and make a white potion (u can only make it when your sick!) chances of making it are 1 out of 11" - Kendall

"To make sure when you propose and she says yes, make sure your both in love or the red heart is under there name in relationships. Then Invite them over and let them eat (the food you cooked), let them go to the bathroom, watch TV till s/he stands up,talk a little kiss once or twice then propose she'll most certainly say yes!


Want the perfect wedding picture? propose and then pause. Use the cheat move_objects on then go to build mode and build the perfect wedding area you want then move the two people in that area unpause and take all the pictures you want!" - anonomous