The Sims Tips & Secrets

"When your sim is at a free time just go to the phone and click the throw party icon and buy cookies,roasted chicken, and a cake then after the party sell your left overs to have extra money!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(but the price is more cheaper" - aluc@rdô

"You know that trick where you can keep the bus/car pool all day & not have to work? I'ts wrong. I've tried that many times & everytime it always drive away & go right through the trashcan. I don'tknow how, but they do.

Here's how to make yours sims a perfect angel. You know when you're first making your sims, well don't give them any characteristic points. Then when they move in, give them lots of that scientist lab stuff. They'll need a lot because if one breaks, they don't have to repaire them. Anyways, make them do 3 "experiments" on each. Then when you have a yellow potion drink it. It will give them all their characteristic points." - num 1

"If you have the sad clown, go to ur fone and click on services and then click on clown catcher. It is $500 but it is beta dan havin a moanin clown in ur house." - avril_fan

"How to get a Clown,
Buy the Clown picture, ignore the picture for days, eventually there will be a message saying the clown is lonly, then look at the picture. A clown will show up. You can take all your Sims Fustrations out on the clown. You can Slap, tease, etc. Good for needs of the social. Warning!!! the clown does affect your Sims Sleep" - Joker10229

"I have had this happen to me once and it was so cute. I had a sim house with 3 people, a dad, a mom, and a kid. I put the kid to bed as soon as she came home from school the dad was studying something and the mom had a friend over. As soon as the friend left, the mom went up to the kids room and the icon said, "tuck in" the mom streightened the sheets on the bed and then she gave the kid a kiss. I don't think it happens often though." - Dani

"on the sioms if you see the mail woman coming to give you bills and you don't want to pay them then just delete her and there will be no bills!" - Kaylee

"Buy the robot that is very much money. But all you have to do is do the cheat codes. the robot can water your flowers and fix food, clean up messes that the dog makes, clean up the bathroom. altho it is 15,000 it is pretty good." - monkey1010