The Sims Tips & Secrets

"Get two Sims livivng in the same house and buy a 2 pianos or 2 electric guitar and tell one Sims to play one piano or guitar and get the other Sim to play the other piano or guitar and they will play a duet." - Colleen

"If you want to get rid of the Tragic Clown, find his picture and set it alight by placeing it above a fireplace and asking your sim to keep lighting it. It will burn and so will the Tragic clown" - Bert

"do NOT EVER EVER EVER EVER cook. (unless you want to kill them!) Just get sim vacation and look in the place where you get your stove and go to + (other) and you will see a table with a lot of bowls on it. Your sims can fill it up.(but it costs 100 dollors) and it will sometimes fill up your sims hunger!" - Rachel Hardy

"If u want to build a haunted house or get ghosts then kill off your sims by putting them in a swimming pool and taking off the ladder, burning them in a fire, or putting them in an empty room without a door. then when they die move there graves or urns so they have a graveyard. Then keep a sim awake at night and at midnight the ghosts will come and scare him/her just like the Goth families house" - Cutie_Pie

"By typing "interests" after holding Ctrl+Shift+c you will know what your sims like most!

So, you are sad and that stupid clown appear. You don't have to pay the guys to take him off. Just sell your clown picture (probably you have one, or else the clown would not appear).

So, you will get married and you don't want to spend 1000 simoleons? So, when you are up to get married, go to buy mode and buy everything you can, till it left only 10 simoleon... Then, you marry, you sell the things you bought immediatly, and you will have a marriage for only 5 simoleons ...

Don't use set hour command! it can make the car disappear!

So, you went to the city and bought some cheap magazines... after reading then, type move_objects on and the sell the magazine. You will get 460 simoleons for the magazine!

want extra money? buy a rocket and launchs it... very quickly, go to buy mode and type move_objects on and sell the rocket (it must still be in the air, it can't have fallen). You will get some extra money by selling it.

you can delete the bugs to get extra money, but not all the bugs give you money :-(" - Sammy