The Sims Tips & Secrets

"NEVER delete the mailbox to get rid of your bills! The game will still think you're not paying your bills, and eventually you'll be in trouble! Instead, delete the mailbringer when they come to deliver the mail." - Kat

"Okay, there IS such a cheat as klapaucius.BUT it might not work on windows xp get the cheat box using shift,control,alt,c.then u type klapaucius;; 1. you should be able 2 get $.And rosebud only works on expansion packs.

When your trash can is full,dont bother deleting it and buying a new 1, coz the $ you get back is less than when you bought it( example: trash can costs $60.if its full and you sell it, you'll get back maybe,$30 only) So you'll be losing $.Instead,hire a maid.She'll help you dump your trash.For $10 an hour,thats a bargain!" - Sims_LoveR

"most people know about the rosebud cheat. if you type rosebuda instead it will tell you that theres no such cheat.hold down enter anyway. your money should go up to 9,999,9 (or whatever) and turn green. you'll never run out! waahhhooo!" - ladeeda

"If u want to build a haunted house or get ghosts then kill off your sims by putting them in a swimming pool and taking off the ladder, burning them in a fire, or putting them in an empty room without a door. then when they die move there graves or urns so they have a graveyard. Then keep a sim awake at night and at midnight the ghosts will come and scare him/her just like the Goth families house" - Cutie_Pie

"Another way to have a baby is to have 1 couple have the baby, then you have to kill the couple. Then move the other family into the house that contains the baby. then the baby will magicly appear. ( then the 3 day process starts all over with the baby.)" - Dani

"I have a tip for all the people who like to come on here and gripe about using cheats and that "people shouldn't use cheats, play the game the right way", blah blah blah. You people need to realize that there are so many game cheat sites out there and that if games were meant to be played the "right way", there wouldn't be a such thing as cheats. So let the people alone who want to use cheats and if you don't want to that's fine but you're really littering this site with your non sense about what's right and wrong. It's just a game. Do you people do this to every cheat site on the net? geez

Also, a thank you to people who put some really helpful tips up here about how to make friends and stuff, WITHOUT cheating, I might add. This site has helped my game develop better :)" - riotact