The Sims Tips & Secrets

"if you mourn a gravestone, a ghost will come out at around 5am and haunt/possess your sims!" - bob

"the easiest way to kill a sim is to take the campfire and put it on a rug. take out the fire alarms and box the sim in" - bob

"just a tip: if you are looking to burn you sim to death, use the wicker chair because it burns VERY fast" - bob

"Never hire a maid - they steal from you!" - bob

"Are your adult Sims feeling exhausted with the baby, and don't have time to improve their moods, go to work, or socialize with friends? Never fear, there's a cheat-less solution! As long as your family already has one kid, just keep the kid at home, take care of the baby when it cries, and make the kids study when the baby is sleeping. Your adult Sims don't have to miss their jobs, and your kid Sims can make up for their grades by studying." - bob

"Just so you know...
You can't build swimming pools on the second stories of houses." - Wormy

"If you want to get your sims married just invite them round cook for them, get to watch tv and go to the toilet. thenget them to kiss passionitly give them a gift them pop the question." - Mollw2

"If ur sims have a baby and u wanna kill them, just make a pool, put a diving bored by it and let all but one sim go in the pool. When all but the one sim is in the pool get rid of the diving bored so ur one sim cant get in. The one sim will take care of the baby while the other sims drown. Then on the same night when the one sims energy is low put him/her in the pool and kill them. The baby shouldnt get taken away. When the baby grows up to a child u have the choice to kill it or let it live." - GBG