The Sims Tips & Secrets

"To get something inside that says it has to be outside, take one section out of the wall. Put the thing in, then put the wall back. Don't forget the wallpaper. --xxxooo" - Miss Pie

"There is a way to get free snacks. Click on the fridge and order your sim to get a snack. When they open the frige, quickly delete the command, and the sim will then put the snack on the floor. Then you can tell your sim to pick it up and eat it and you didn't even have to pay the $20.00!" - Kim

"since you cant make a sim do the same action twice in a row but you want them to constantly talk to another sim, simply select talk, compliment talk compliment talk compliment etc while the game is paused. then cancel all he compliments ( by clicking on them) and they will talk for a lot longer with out you having to monitor them." - free2rhyme

"even though it says in a lot of places not to delete the mailbox, some pple still do it. i found that the only way to get it back was to download a house from the sims exchange and place this in your game. and viola you have your mailbox back :) " - kelz

"Are your adult Sims feeling exhausted with the baby, and don't have time to improve their moods, go to work, or socialize with friends? Never fear, there's a cheat-less solution! As long as your family already has one kid, just keep the kid at home, take care of the baby when it cries, and make the kids study when the baby is sleeping. Your adult Sims don't have to miss their jobs, and your kid Sims can make up for their grades by studying." - theladyrose

"My tip for you is how you can have twins!!! You just have to press ctrl, alt, T when you already have one baby and it will duplicate itself and then when they turn into kids they will be identical but their personalities will be different!" - BlaaBlaa

"you can sell graves for up tp ten simoleans" - bob

"if you bulldoze a house, the gravestones will remain" - bob