The Sims Tips & Secrets

"To start off with points for things...
Make as many people as u want in ur family, but make them all kids. Then, just before u move them in, turn them into adults (u can change how they look). Ur sums will starts off with points, so u can get quick promotions in ur job" - Kat

"If you keep getting Fires on your stove, then delete it and buy a microwave, it never starts a fire.  NOTE: This only works with the Microwave, NOT the toaster oven." - Rock Kitten

"Are you tired of your sims not using the kitchen sink for the dishes, or using the kitchen sink to wash their hands? Well to resolve this problem, first , make sure that there is a bathroom sink, and is it accessible. Next Delete the kitchen sink and buy a dish washer." - Rock Kitten

"To get rich with no cheats is to order your sim to "make a gnome" and then speed the time up and your sim should make lots of gnomes in no time. Then sell the gnomes before anyone destroys them. The price depends on your sim's mech skills.So get your sim's skill to the fullest and the price per each gnome should be about $90. Making gnomes also improves your sim's mech skills" - Nike

"If someone say's that you can delete the sims and santa will keep giving you presents, it works but he never leaves so don't delete your sims it is annoying really, Ok trust me on this one!" - Dawn

"Do NOT delete your mailbox, whatever you do, because if you do, you will not be able to greet guests. The mailbox acts like a sort of beacon so guests know there's a house." - Ceridwen

"If you use rosebud and you money reads 9,999,999, click on it to bring up the financial status window, and at the bottom it will tell you how much you really have." - Ceridwen