The Sims Tips & Secrets

"funny enough...
this was discovered by coincidence. If u invite a friend into ur house before u go to work, and when u leave the house for work. firstly, click on ur friend...(probably saying goodbye) and keep that open, the friend will be gone but ur sim will be teleported back to the house shortly after he goes to work (but i dun think u get the salary)." - simefreak

"I you have a baby in a cradle, do NOT move or evict the family that has the baby or you will lose the baby. Now, if you don't want your screming cradle...that's a different story." - SimsExpert

"Low on Money? Make your kid study hard and make them get an A+ When they do, a few days later when they get home from school, a dialogue box will say that they got a 100$ from grandpa for good grades!" - SimsExpert

Create your Sim family, buy 9 Sim Lane, (it's flat and cheap), build a path from the space between the bin and the mail box, put a wall on the path, and place your front door. Then build 4 wall units on each side of the door, (9 in total along the road side, with the door in the centre), square it off, ( overall size 9x9), add plenty of windows, cheap ones, (you can change them later when you have more cash). Inside, to the left of the door, make a room 4x3, (bathroom), above that , wall off the remaining 4x5 space, (bedroom), leaving a 5x9 space, (living room). Decorate each room in different colours, for more ROOM value, don't forget the outside walls! Bathroom : put toilet, sink and mirror, (for CHARISMA), on the same wall as the door, bath in one corner, bench press in the other corner, (for BODY). Bedroom : place bed, (doubles need walking space to each side), add lamp, (lava for ROOM?), and alarm clock, if you sleep late! You may also want to add dresser / desk / bookcase, (for COOKING, MECHANICS, STUDY) / mini-bar to this room. Livingroom : Fridge, bin / compacter, microwave / cooker, sink / dishwasher, along the back wall, leaving space for a back door, if you want a yard, (compacter and dishwasher save time and give extra surfaces for blender and coffee machine, or phone / lamp / etc. Table and chairs : leave one space behind or beside each chair. TV : chair / sofa facing the set will be used, (turn dinner chairs)? Fire place : leave one space all around empty, always put a smoke alarm in a room with a cooker / fireplace. Burgular alarm : place one next to each external door, on the outside! Phone : place in the middle of the house. Instruments /Easel, (for CREATIVITY), Chessboard, (for LOGIC), you will need these to qualify for more advanced jobs. Create your friends, get married, have kids, try any thing. Play with the cheats, AFTER you have done every thing else, or you are only cheating yourself !" - nobody451

"I found out this lil feature 2 add 2 ur sims house. While decorating the upstairs of the house, u can add a ( i dunno how 2 put it!) look down hole in the floor. All you do is go on build mode then walls then click on that white stair banister or any other type then build the shape you want ur look through hole to be ( i used a hexagon shape) then delete the floor tiles so u can see downstairs, then wow! ur sims can have a view downstairs!" - Simmy25