The Sims Tips & Secrets

"If u r bored with your sim, all u do is get a swimming pool, get your sim in it, and take out the ladders then they will be swimming for ages till eventually they die, then by pressing, shift,ctrl,alt,c. all together, and a little gray bar will come up in the corner u type in move_objects on, then return, then you can delete the tomb stone for some money!" - Chaz

"To fill all your bars without barely doing anything is to do the tutorial. Activate the money code and get enough money to buy a piano, work out thing, telescope (or chess set). A bookshelf is already provided for you. Do body last. When you do the body, have the $450 coffee machine to fill your energy bar and then use the bathroom. Then continue your body-building. All you have to do then is make friends for promotions." - JoSh

"in the corner of your yard on the edge of the sidewalk there is an invisible object called *portal-pedestrian. it can be hard to find sometimes, and you need to use the code 'move_objects on' to pick it up ore else it is considered out of bounds. but if you delete it, no visitors can come to your lot. " - unknown

"If you want to be full on all your points ie, outgoing,neat,nice,playfuland active all u do is wen u cre8 the sim give them no personality, dont put any points on any of the trates: Outgoing,active,nice,playful and neat leave them all blank and then move ur sim to a house and buy a lab table. (It takes a while sometimes) but let ur sim make loads of potions and wait til He/she gets a yellow potion. wen they do let them drink it and their personality is reversed so tht they are the perfect sim." - Harri

"If you're playing without cheats and you are looking for a fast way to make money, create your main person in a small and cheap house. Then create the person you'd want you're person to marry in another house and get then married in the very beginning of the game. That way early in the game you end up with a net worth of 40 000$. You can then enjoy a more luxurious life!" - Nate