The Sims Tips & Secrets

"If you want your sim to be nude, make him take a shower. When he is no longer blurred out, go to buy mood and delete the shower. The sim will continue to shower even though the shower isn't there." - E

"If you want loads of money; Go on to buy mode. do ctrl alt shift and c all at the same time. Type in rosebud;;;;;;then put a rock on the enter key, leave it come back in half an hour and you'll be the richest guys on the block." - Tallulah-May Wood

"To kill off sims quick, place them into a big room using the move_objects on cheat, place carpets allover the floor exept for one square them put the rocket launcher in the space, and launch the whole room will burst into flameS !" - Willy02x

"Be Late for Work and Not Get in Trouble
First you have to turn ''Free Will'' off. Then you get some body who isn't working (or even someone who is) and have them stand in front of your ride to work, and then you can have the late person shower, eat, drink coffee, and even have a quick cat nap!!! Then when you want the late person to go to work, have him just get in the car, and have the person in front of the car go to work also!!! Or if he doesn't work, he can have a nap to!" - jellyjar888

"if your sim is playful have them watch cartoons, grouchy=horror, active=action, outgoing=romance" - angel

"2 ways to get money without doing the rosebud cheat is:

1) when u get the little bugs running around do the move_objects cheat on and then go into buy mode and delete the bugs and u get 460 pounds 4 each 1 u find so the more u find the richer u get. Easy!

2)put a firework indoors set it off just after it explodes there is a explosion quickly go onto buy mode and delete the explosion u get lots of money 4 this (if u don't want a fire delete the fire as well) if u r not fast enough u can't click on buy mode and u r in trouble!!

i hope these tips r useful 2 u. C YA !! luv emma :)" - emma