The Sims Tips & Secrets

When you have the move_objects cheat on DO NOT delete the taxi, vacation suv, or the old town car. Because if you do, you cannot go back downtown or old town, or on vacation ever again!!!!!! And when you go to call a cab or whatever, the option for the car you deleted will be GONE!" - SIMFREAK

"If you want to kill that cheery little paper girl then when she comes pick her up (first press-ctrl+alt+delete,then type in move_objects on). Take her to your yard and put a fence around her.  Blue swirls will appear and she will keel over." - Sharlotte,Charlie,Alexis,Natalie and Jenna.(Rowan)

"if you want your sims to get married if you go into the hot tub and let them talk when they get out click propose and they will get married. (their friendship bar should be at 100 first, and they should have eaten first!) GOOD LUCK" - Leigh

"NEVER delete your mailox!!!!!! When you invite people over, they can't interact with you! You can't even tell them to leave!" - Sims finatic

"Before asking someone on a date make sure they are hungry or bored. Then ask them to hang out. They most likely say yes. Then rent a picnic basket it treats their hunger and your sims can talk for hours. The room will be awesome, food will be high, and the relationship will be higher too!" - bunnyblues

"(i think this works, but) When Nancy the Paper Girl comes, type in the "move_objects on" cheat, press F2 (or build mode) and pick her up and delete her. i think this will stop the paper from coming. you can also do this with unwanted sims." - Christine