The Sims Tips & Secrets

" DON'T USE THE CHEATS IT BUGGERS UP THE SIMS you don't have to delete any walls to have a indoor swimming pool DO NOT GET RID OF THE MAIL BOX IT MAKES YOUR GAME GO FUNNY" - skater

"A good strategy to avoid having to take the time to cook is hiring a caterer. That way you can just go grab a plate when u want something to eat. The caterer stays until about three in the morning." - lleaf

"if you leave all your lights and tv on your bills are higher" - skater_master

"If you want to have a bigger yard then it already is press ctrl alt c and then type in "Map_edit on "and then move you arrow across then white spots and hold down the mouse button when your done press ctrl alt c and type in "Map_edit off"." - Somedude

"If your Sim dies go to the neighborhood and don't save the game. Then go back to the house and your Sim will be back" - SWEETGIRL2000

"Free Snacks! Click on the fridge and select the have a snack option. As the sim gets it out cancel the action. Your sim will put it on the floor. After they have put it down get your sim (or another) to eat it and you will have a free snack." - Why are you asking

"get a fire place a carpet and a love tub put the carpet under the fire place and put the love tub on the carpet and wait for a minute and the carpet will go on fire your sim will jump out and and run in the corner naked but the cursor will still be on" - nia jones