The Sims Tips & Secrets

"Listen i know these are some good tips but some of them take the fun out of the game! I myself only use a couple of cheats like the move_objects on code and NESSIE and stuff like that. I never use the rosebud codes because there is no point in the game. It takes out the fun so i never use that. Oh yeah wutever u do DO NOT DELETE THE MAIL BOX!! In a few days you will get a notice saying bills are piling up but you can't pay them because you can't get them!

Oh yeah if you're wondering about the NESSIE code go to any neighborhood screen, get the cheat box and type NESSIE in, then watch the area with the bridge. A green sea monster should appear and you will hear a weird noise." - Steph

"If you want to be successful in a job you have to make friends but instead of wasting all of that sims time and energy making and keeping friends, create alot of families and have your sim throw a party. At the party have your sim greet everyone and then immediately ask them to leave. Then go back to the neighborhood, click on your sims new acquaintances and have them call your sim and invite them over. Once they become friends with everyone in the house, evict the family and your sims relationship with them stays the same without wasting time or energy." - tigerbballa06

"If you don't like one of your 'friends' then invite them round and if you've got a swimming pool then let them get in and take away all of the steps and just leave them there! they will slowly die or if you can't wait to get rid of them then fast-forward it. You will see them walking around in the pool looking for the steps! Or if you don't have a pool then walk into a room and they should follow you (if they don't then put some entertainment in there for them and take it away once they go in) then when they are in there take away the doors and they will die." - paw

"Thieves, like all sims, like to use the sidewalk. You can thwart all thievery by merely constructing a single wall with an alarm at each end of the sidewalk (put it as far down the sidewalk as possible). They'll set of the alarm way before getting to your house, and you'll get the rewards without having so much as a dish stolen." - DoodyBrow