The Sims Tips & Secrets

"keep being nice to one person who you like and keep kissing them. After a while you will have the choice to have a baby!" - RF

"To kill a sim using a fireplace, first have the sime start a fire. Then pause the game. Take out the fire alarm, or the fire department will come to put out the raging inferno. Move a couch to the fireplace and then move you sim to stand next to the sofa. Surround the sim with other furniture and press the speed to slow. Watch your sim die while they are screaming for dear life while being on fire." - Canadian Ambassador

"Everyone is going on about """"""deleting mail the slow way""""""""" just do this press the usual buttons(shift,alt,C)
and do move_objects on and delete the mail box" - metal head

"people, listen to me! i know some of you people out their think that it is fun to use these cheats. but hey, why?! apparently, you don't get the point of computer game challenges-----------fun!!! challenges are what makes sims a fun game to play. don't use these cheats. i have used almost every one of these cheats. all of them can mess up your game, BAD! don't take it personally, i don't like loosing all of my money or having my babies taken away either, but that is the point of the game!" - ;lkasdfj

"Buying art is expensive. But this little tip not only saves you money, it also makes you a lot of extra income. Go to Buy, under pictures, get the white stone plaque (cost 275), hang it somewhere, anywhere, and go to bed. Next day when youre sims return from work, sell it for 1.600!" - golle

"If your Sims social is low, and you have amore than one Sim, buy a TV and put a sofa in front of it, have the Sim with the low Social watch TV, and then get someone else (preferably at least 2 others) to watch TV with them, they talk and watch so their social and fun go up together." - Chaos