The Sims Tips & Secrets

"Do not delete the mailbox or you can never ever have visitors!" - anonymous

"If you do not know if two sims like each other, buy two single beds. Then make them fall in love, when you are sure they are in love , sell the beds and buy a double." - Kirsty

"When your sims are having a house party make sure the party room is away from the bedroom, because other sims can sneak into bed with your sim." - Mahamid

"save the game before rubbing the magic lamp and if you don't like the wish the genie grants you with, quit without saving and then go back on it and change you option." - Asher

"To get Quick cash, pause the game, enter build mode and highlight the paintbrush. Highlight a section of wallpaper you want to sell, hold down square for a few seconds and start tapping it and your money will go up." - The Cheat Guru

"I have a few tips for y'all. First, to kill of your sim put them in a pool, delete all the ladders, and delete the pool tiles except the one your sim is in. Next, to get §9,999,000 within about 5 min. just type rosebud;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;!;:(the ! is rosebud) then hold down enter. I'm anonomous and like i said you dont get visitors if you delete the mailbox also no newspapers although im not sure about carpools:( just delete the mail when it comes!!! §żgreekmanż§ signing off." - §żgreekmanż§

"When you want to improve the sim's mood vy deleting them with the move objects cheat, there's a way to do it without them losing any new job advancements. Save the game and THEN delete them. Voila! Full mood bars and their career path as of the last advancement before the save. Do this about an hour before the car pool arrives and then put them back in the game before it comes. If your qualified for the next promo, they should get promoted!" - shealuvr