The Sims Tips & Secrets

"Wanna not spend HOURS waiting for your sims to get all there skills completed? Now you can get them almost fully completed skills!!

First, go to the make a family screen. Make a sim you want to be an adult a kid then click done than edit that sim. Retype there name, change there gender whatever. When you move them into a house the parties can start!!;)

PS the reverse is also true if you want your sim ked to have 'straight A's'!" - 2funny4you

"If you don't want to pay bills, go to the buy mode after your sim started to go with the envelope toward the mailbox. Buy whatever you want, so your account becomes smaller than your bill. Return to the play mode. Watch your sim going to mailbox and right sum of money blinking. BUT your account doesn't change." - olka

"If you put burglar alarms at the corners of your yard, you will get 1000 for every burglar caught by police. But if you find the place for burglar alarm that gives the burglar time to enter your house but not take anything, you will get 1000 PLUS insurance money." - olka

"If you want to paint a whole room in just one click, just hold down the shift button and then pick your paint color , then click on a wall." - piper

"if you need more time before work to get their mood up use this command in the cheat bar SET_HOUR (1 to 24) make it earlier and give them more time to eat sleep or have fun etc" - simroy

"buy the magic lamp....get many things you want by cleaning before, cleaning, just in case you get something bad...then continue and you keep getting good stuff" - jecar