The Sims Tips & Secrets

"just to clear things up - you CAN use the move_objects cheat safely WITHOUT losing skills or promotions. Simply save your game right before deleting your sim. OK? People have said this but then someone else goes and says again not to use it - you only lose the skills points that you gained since the last save (that goes for promotions as well) so just save and you'll be fine!" - alpha

"To get 1,000,000 in about 5 min., you hit; ctrl, shift and C and the same time. On the left upper corner of the screen you will see a green/gray box. Then type: rosebud; ; ;. Notice the spaces in between each ;. You will get LOTS of money." - Groovy

"Here is how you make the highest job rank you want . First you get all of your skills up. What i do is i put in MOVE_OBJECTS ON and then every time he gets tired from studying or playing music etc. i save the game and then i go to buy mode and i delete him then go to live mode and click the picture of your sims and he is perfect. i keep doing that until he is perfect and then i make alot of friends and then i get a job and then before you know it im mayor of simcity or an astronaut" - CryForMe

"You don't have to pay your Bill if you set fire to it. Place your bill on a table and launch rockets beside it. Or set your bill on a table, and place it beside your faulty fireplace." - Gotcha

"If you want an easy way to get rid of your sims, buy a rocket and launch it indoors!" - DEsTRoYEr

"If any body bad is coming like to take your baby go to the move objects mode and delete them it works on the social lady, unwanted guests, but it doesn't work on burglar." - jp

"If you delete the shower when your sim is in it you can make them walk around naked and even go downtown naked." - Fifi-girl