The Sims Tips & Secrets

"To get a lot of money without it saying no such cheat type in !;!;!;!; ; (notice the space left between the 2 semi colons) then just hold down the enter key and watch the money flow." - Aisha

"If your sim is such a bad cook that he/she burns the meal every time it cooks don't buy a stove.  Sure you'll have salads but the hunger still goes up!" - Butterflygurl

"If you dont like your sims and your looking for a more creative way to kill them off, follow these steps: 1. make a room w/o any doors and put hot tubs in the corners. 2. put a few stoves and then dishwashers Note: be sure to leave a space in the middle of the room for your sim to stand in. 3. put genie lamps ontop of the dishwashers and make the sim standing in the middle of the room clean them. 4. select "fire" or "leisure" when they come up. This will start a fire causing the hot tubs to be set aflame. If you have multiple people to kill, use the move_objects on code to pick them up and put them in the hot tubs. Hope you all find this useful. I know I did ^_^." - mr. fuzzypants

"If you have a sim-kid and a swimming pool make shore to watch him/her carefully because if you don't they may drown!" - Mike S

"You can get more personality points by simply not putting any points 4 neat and as many a you want to 4 the rest and u you just hire a maid or in the sims expansion pack get a robot!" - linners

"to make your money go up in three thousands at a time, press shift+ctrl+c and then a grey box will appear in the corner of your
shift+ctrl+screen. type in ' rosebud !;1 ' and press the enter button. then a box saying ' no such cheat ' will appear. keep pressing the enter button and if u want 2, put a weight down on it the enter button ) 2 save u from getting 2 tired! ur money should then go up in 2 or 3 thousands!" - kim