The Sims Tips & Secrets

"friends? simple! first, activate the rosebud or klaupacious cheat so that you've got shed-loads of money. then go shopping and buy diamond rings by the ton. each time you give a friend a diamond ring your short term bar goes up by 20 and your long term by 10, so keep giving them rings till the bars are both 100! they fall in love with you too!" - flea

"Click on the last tile of the footpath at the end of the screen in build mode and using move_objects on and you will find that you are holding something invisible but it will say portal. Put this any where if you wan people to come from.(example - if you put the "portal" next to your mail box your guest or any passerby will appear next to the mail box when you invite them over to your house." - C|on3

"When your Sim needs to repair a dishwasher or something that will frustrate them just DELETE it and then buy a new 1 so they don't get all MAD!" - Nicolle

"If u are running late, and the bus and the carpool are about to leave, do the move_objects on cheat and put the trash can in front of the bus or carpool (whichever is in front) and it can't leave, so you can get them in a good mood and not be late." - Missy

"If you skip a day at work, your job place always calls an hour after you're supposed to be there. Example: Your job starts at 9:00, you don't go to work, your job calls your house at 10:00, don't answer it." - volleywoman

"When you want someone to marry you, first talk till the hearts come up (and kiss etc). Then dance with them several times to get fun up, then make dinner/whatever the time is and eat, the other person will eat with you. Then kiss them and if it's passionate (two +'s) then propose and they'll say yes." - Chaos