The Sims Tips & Secrets

"Press c, ctrl,shift. Then tell your sim to go get a snack out of the fridge. Right when your sim takes it out of the fridge, go to the buy mode and and delete the chips. You will get 15 simoleans. Just make sure u don't delete it after you spend money on the chips cause then you would only have gained 10 simoleans." - person

"Play the game normal for a while and you will see how hard it is for people who don't no these tips! Spread the word! Also... make friends by talking and talking for ages and ages till 100%. If u want kids then talk 2 partner as above and say yes to kids. Treat em bad and the social will turn up! COOL!" - Bobby-Sue

"1: When you give your sims a hamster, it is quite likely that your sim will get a disease and die.

2: When inexperienced sims try and cook or you get a fireplace, you will most likely start a fire. If this happens, the sims will automatically try and put them out. Just make sure you know where they all are, and cancel the action to stop the fire, and make them do things like call the fire brigade or get in the pool." - Felix

"If the lady who takes away your baby comes around just press shift ctrl C then do water_tool and surround her. After a while she should disappear." - go away

"If your sim is very tired and falls asleep on the floor, or falls asleep standing up, ALWAYS wake them up and send them to bed, or they will get in an even worse mood!" - Shinny

"If you want to kill your sim, just build a small room with only a door. tell them to go inside. put in a rocket/fire cracker thing inside also. Tell your sim to "light" then when the rocket comes down it will catch the room on fire.
P.S. If the sim you killed has a house, and the people living in the house have been killed. When you move in the next family all of the furniture will still be there!" - cutiepie