The Sims Tips & Secrets

"Never stop them from going to the toilet or a shower." - jaime

"If you don't like your sim, and want to kill them super fast, tell them to go into the pool. Once they're in, delete all of the ladders. Pretty soon they'll be to tired, & they'll drown!" - So Mean

"If you make 8 sims in your house and make them all have jobs, pick up the cars with move_objects on and put them in a garage that you made, then invite some neighbors over for a little car show, they'll love it! Hint: If you don't want all of those sims kill them, and then move some more sims in, add to your car collection!" - Slappy Happy Feet

"to get more money just write in rosebud;!;!;!;;!; and as you see i have made a mistake but if you hold down the enter button it will say no such cheat but it give you more money and you can just hold on for ages" - noddie

"make sure rooms in the house are tidy spaces with little rubbish and lots of light to keep your sims room up" - jess

"The fast way to kill your sim if you don't like them is to build a pool where they can get in. When your sim gets in the pool then delete the ladder put your time all the way up and they will drown in 2 hours. Or you don't even have to put a ladder they can get in by the diving board and still cant get out." - Sims Fan