The Sims Tips & Secrets

"Whatever you do, don't delete the really messes up your game. To pay less bills, just don't pay your first set but pay your second set and it will cut your bills in half!" - Mel

"I'm not sure if this has been submitted or not but I didn't see it depending on your lot you want to put a little house a 1x1x1x1 and put a burg alarm facing the side walk if you only have one street just put it on each end but if you have two going you need to put it at all entrances anyway you can make it look like little guard houses so it doesn't make your house look ugly and this way the burg is caught way before he gets to your house so you don't loose out on the insurance thing and it doesn't wake you in fact to make some extra cash you can set stereos outside your house to entice them" - AberFtchBoy

"do the move_objects on cheat to start out. then make a sim change and pick other clothes and press cancel. pause it when they are naked and delete the dresser/armoire they are using. they will stay naked with out the blur." - rezi

"Maybe, instead of using all these cheats all the time, u should just play the game like it was meant to be played (with no cheats). It's actually a lot of fun!" - Hello

"If you want to spend a free day away from work or you miss the carpool don't answer the phone at all that day. One of the times it will tell you that you are fired, but if you don't answer the call you will still have the car show up the next day for work. Make sure you have money and such (as you won't get paid that day duh) but that way you can work on your skills!" - Nixiack