The Sims Tips & Secrets

"If you want to have a negative amount of money, you buy a bunch of plants of any kind. Then delete them all. When you're done, undo it all and you should have a huge lack of money." - Rezi

"when your sims are taking a shower or bath hold down ctrl,shift and c then enter the cheat "move_objects on" then go into bye mode and put the shower or bath some where else in the house the sim will keep washing its self with no shower or bath and they will be nude" - jess

"After you typed in !;!;!;! ,press enter. open the cheat box again and press ctrl+z at da same time this should repeat the last cheat you did" - Rosie

"Have a spouse all the time, because if you want to get better at your job and get promotions, you ALWAYS need friends, have the husband/wife stay at home and make friends." - Emmie

"You do not need to delete any walls to build an indoor pool, you can just place the pool tile in any room of the BOTTOM floor and you will have a pool. I repeat, you don't have to delete any walls!!!" - expert

"You can delete a sim and still have the skill points they just gained, all you have to do is SAVE, then go to buy or build mode and delete them, then click on their face and they will be back, skill points in tacked." - expert