The Sims Tips & Secrets

"If you have a lot of TVs and stereos make sure you have burglar alarms at each door . " - anonymous

"If you have an oven put a fire alarm above it, and do that with a toaster oven." - no one

"If you're sims are really upset, evict them and move them in again. Then they will be happy again." - Katiya

"Use "move_objects on", as a cheat, to delete plates, bills, garbage, and "accidents" (pee or any water)." - allie

"I have an easier way to fix the stove on fire problem. JUST BUY A NEW ONE!" - o0leggomyeggo0o

"Sometimes, the santa thing doesn't work. So, get as many ways as you can, and then try them all!" - o0leggomyeggo0o

"Cheaters, try the game the hard way for once. Tom many people play with cheats and don't experience the real fun of the game. I admit, cheating can be fun but it takes out all the challenges in the game." - Sim_Lova