The Sims Tips & Secrets

"if you want to make a park IN YOUR HOUSE. all you need to do is delete a wall. you can add trees, flowers, big toys, ANYTHING YOU WANT. then put the wall back in and everything will also be full functional." - missspell

"If you want your sims to have all there moods up without deleting them, all you have to do is press alt-cntrl-shift-c, then in the left hand corner a green box will appear, then type in move_objects on, then have the sims sleep and delete the bed, click on the picture of there face and they will come back" - CaliGirl5411

"If you save the game before doing move_objects on you won't lose any of your skills!" - jess

"Cunning Eight-fold Way!Start an eight Sim family ... turn "free will" off temporarily ... buy a desk, computer and chair and get each Sim a job .. sell back the desk, computer and chair ... buy a fridge ... turn "free will" back on and play in high speed. Now all you have to do is make sure your Sims go to work each day. No matter how bad a mood they are in, they never lose their jobs -- with eight Sims working you'll earn between $800 and $2000 a day. With only a fridge, the bills will be VERY low and it won't take long to build up a sizeable bank account. When you have enough money, just kill off any extra unwanted Sims" - LANCEBFREAK

"DO NOT do the santa cheat....he never leaves...NEVER, and its a real pain in the bum." - §trÄwberryKi§§e§