The Sims Tips & Secrets

"if you want to make a park IN YOUR HOUSE. all you need to do is delete a wall. you can add trees, flowers, big toys, ANYTHING YOU WANT. then put the wall back in and everything will also be full functional." - missspell

"If you want music from our world, then download some music and save it to c:/program files/thesims and then save it under one of the music categories. Then the next time you play the sims it should come up as a song!!" - Sexy

"If you want to see the Sims naked, simply buy the bed with the heart on it then get them to vibrate/play in bed then use the move_object cheat to take away the bed and they will be levitating in thin air.......NAKED" - Adam_2000_2k

"If YOU don' t what to emptying your trash just hire a maid then when she's emptied it just dismiss her!! and DON ' T delete your mailbox as it cause more problems that u may think !" - Jupiter : )

"On the babies here is a tip. don't have a lot they are a lot of work (another way to have babies is) if is 100 % love get the heart bed have either male or female vibrate or relax then click the other sim and click the bed then click play in bed.  it may take a few tries but it works" - lilly