The Sims Tips & Secrets

"When you need to get a cure from the guinea pig disease you do is make your sim alone in a room so he won't spread the disease and then put a chemistry set in. make him make potions until the potion is white colored. If he drinks it he will be cured." - Caroline Lermont

"GET MONEY FROM WORK only going for a few mins!!! all you do is put the move_objects on, then put the trashcan on the road. then wait for the car for work to arrive. DON'T GET IN THE CAR. the car won't be able to go until you move the trashcan. wait till it is about 30 minutes from THE END of work, then get in the car, move the trash can. go to work for about 10 minutes and come home, and have your money for so little!!!" - slappy

"When you make a kitchen for hard workers who are in a rush, make a fridge, then food processor, then a stove, and last a counter, this way your Sim will take it directly to each thing. :)" - TomboyChick

"If you want your sims to get full faster get them some cooking points and make sure you have a good fridge!!" - Niffer

"When your mail arrives, Use the Move_Objects ON code and delete the mail. NEVER delete the mailbox, or you will get T-R-O-U-B-L-E" - Sim grrl