The Sims Tips & Secrets

"If u tried and flattened all the hills in your lot the grass goes away and takes forever to grow back!!!!!!! so go Shift ctrl. c and then type in grow_grass 150 and then u will have a beautiful lawn that is nice and green" - em and also Shmelly Wampum

"Buy a spa or hot tub. Then use shift+ctrl and c together. Then pick up your grumpy sim and place him in the spa. Click the spa and delete it. you'll c a first aid sign on the sims name box. 2 click and his stats will b up" - PENGUIN

"Hey! If u dont want 2 take out ur trash no more, put the "move_objects on" cheat on and delete the mess ur sims create after a meal. this way, they wont even need have a trashcan, and that gives u an extra space 2 put a lamp or summin." - Nomis

"when your sim dies and the grim reaper is coming instead of trying to plea with him you can hit the button to build things or the button to buy this so the game stops then you hit ctrl shift and c all at once and type in the gray box move_objects on then hit enter. when you do that, delete the reaper and your sim. click on that cross thing that's on your sims photo once and your sim is standing and walking around. he or she is also in a better mood." - simgirl

"If your daughter or son leave you because of military school let the two man & woman to talk and talk and talk and their relationship become 100% and the woman will ask the man if he want to have a new baby.  Do it again if you want to have a lot of babies" - Nicole