The Sims Tips & Secrets

"Buy an expensive bed as soon as possible.  You don't have to sleep as much as if you get a cheap bed." - Taylor

"You know when you were working you Sim hard to get those skills you need for work up? And then your sim is in a bad mood? Well if you were to just do the normal code {ALT+Shift+C, then move_objects then hit enter} and then you deleted you sim all of your sims' hard work would be wasted. The cause is because the game resets the sim back to the last time the game was saved. So before you do the 'move_object' code you might want to save your game." - AVC

"Save your game before you sell your sim and you will get to keep they're job, skills, etc. It will work with any version." - Meese

"When your sim is in love, invite that person over then kiss them, if they give you a passionate kiss, propose and I guarantee that they will say yes. If they give you a polite kiss, don't even bother proposing." - Seeker439