The Sims Tips & Secrets

"Instead of buying a trashcan just put in the move_objects cheat and move the trashcan from outside into the house and all of your sims's trash goes in there without having to empty it." - Trinichick

"An easier way to make a floating house is to put regular walls on the bottom or first story and the go to the second story and build your house or just put in all you need to under the build mode and then go back to the first story and delete the first story walls." - Trinichick

"Don't use the cheat move_objects on because it will mess up your game! The pizza boy will stand outside moving his arm up and down, people will just show up in your house, and nobody comes to the door when you invite them over, they just stand at the edge of the screen." - trab

"To get a bunch of skills right away: when you're in the "make-a-family" mode, make a kid, click ok, the edit and make it an adult and waalaa! they have skills!" - trab