The Sims Tips & Secrets

"Instead of calling on the phone to throw a party, buy a birthday cake and tell your sim to blow out the the candles then a lot of people with birthday hats on comes to your door for some cake." - Harry

"If you want to have a bigger yard then it already is press ctrl alt c and then type in "Map_edit on "and then move you arrow across then white spots and hold down the mouse button when your done press ctrl alt c and type in "Map_edit off"." - Angelbabe

"If you don't like your sims, make a small room with nothing but a door and walls. Tell the sim(s) that you want to kill to "go inside". Once they're inside, delete the door (either press control+click or put a wall over the door). Then super-fast-forward (setting number 3), put the view to "walls down", and watch the torture show!" - Killer

"Ok, instead of all the fancy copy and highlighting and a doing all these other tricks with Rosebud 2 get more money, just type Rosebud; ; (note the space in between the two ; things) then hold enter. Viola$$$" - justanothersimfan