The Sims Tips & Secrets

"don't get a job as a journalist because all your energy, fun&room goes all the way down" - kjhking

"There's another way to keep yourself from emptying the trash cans. Make your sim take the garbage out, and then cancel it. You'll be left with a pile of trash on the floor. Now, just throw this out and your trash will only have one item of garbage in it, thus, it doesn't need to be emptied!" - Christina

"If you can't be bothered to spend heaps of time building up your sims creativity, body points etc. here's a tip for u! Order your sim to study cooking or something else and let them do it until they get depressed. Then save your game, delete your sim using the ctrl, shift and c method and then click on their picture when u put it back on live mode. This will save you a lot of time when u get a job because you won't have to spend all your time getting points." - Lesley

"This is how to never miss work or school.  First put in the move objects cheat.  Then click on your outside trash can and put it out in the middle of the side of the road closest to your front door.  When the car or bus gets behind the trash can it will stop moving and start honking! note: move the trash can out of the way so the vehicle can get to it's destination." - you