The Sims Tips & Secrets

"if u dont want 2 pay bills, here is a trick from my cousin, "jemima"- put move_objects on in the cheat box by typin ctrl+shift+c, move n delete the mailbox. if u find out any more creative and better ways 2 do this, post it, and fast!" - gamegrlfreek

"Type in move_objects on and delete the mail box and trash can, you can delete all of the spills and bugs and stuff like that too!" - gidget

"If you have a baby and you don't like the gender it is treat it bad and wait till social services come put the game in build mode and delete the lady but first you must put move_objects in the code box then in build mode you use the hand to delete the lady than the baby comes back the opposite gender it was" - IDUNNO

"How to get lots of presents from santa! SAVE your game first after you have done that delete your sims before 12:00 and leave some cookies near the fire place then santa should come and never stop giving presents!!!!! NOTE:SAVE YOUR GAME BEFORE YOU DO THIS CHEAT!!!" - livvy