The Sims Tips & Secrets

"When you want to have some privacy from the kids or you don't want to mess with them till the next morning! Press ctrl, alt, shift, and c at the same time and then a box will show up. In the box type in "move_objects on" and then when you want them back just press the icon!" - Karlee

"Use the "Move Objects" cheat by holding Control+Shift+C and entering "move_objects on", minus the quotes. Then, you can grab the trashcan outside and put it inside-- it never has to be emptied! You can also move your mailbox closer to your home so that it's easier to see when the mail has arrived." - MERLIN2oo2

"How to get Santa to give hundreds of presets: Save your game first ,and then delete your sims.  Put some cookies in front of the fire place and santa should come and never stop giving presents. NOTE: SAVE YOUR GAME FIRST THEN QUIT TO NEIGHBORHOOD THEN GO BACK ON TO YOUR HOUSE!!!!!!!! " - OLIVIA STOKES

"Be careful when deleting sims, they lose a level in all of their skills when you delete them. This can lead to demotions! This applies to all The Sims games." - Alikat7791