The Sims Tips & Secrets

"On your keyboard press the shift, letter c, and apple key. at the top left corner you will see a gray box. Type in Rosebud;; press the return button as much as you want. You will get more money." - Wisard

"Don't delete your mail box to get rid of bills because your visitors will start appearing in the back yard without walking there. Oh yea! they don't leave either." - Katie

"To get 9,999,999 dollars all you do is press shift control alt c and type in rosebud till it stars blinking. ." - Sophie

"to get up to 999,999 dollars all you have to do is press ctrl, shift , c, (all at the same time) then type in rosebud!;!: then hold down enter and the words "no such cheat" will come up keep holding down the enter button and the money will go up! ." - qtpoolplayer13