The Sims Tips & Secrets

"You can reduce the amount of money you pay for bills in half with this simple trick.  Do not pay your first set of bills until you receive mail again.  Do not empty your mailbox - instead pay your prior bills at this time.  When your Sim puts the old bills in the mailbox, the new set will vanish!" - TEM 

"If you want a playground in your house, you leave a little wall out then you put the playground in and then you fill up the wall and then you have a playground in your house." - Lisa

"If when the car pool comes in the morning go to 'build' and you should be able to pick it up!" - Monkfish

"If you tell a sim to play on the virtual reality head set then once s/he's put them on cancel it and tell them to do something else and s/he'll keep them on!" - Monkfish