Age of Empires II Tips & Secrets

"Crank out the Villiagers, build castle and town centers in allies territory and protect them with all you've got" - 341

"Make unique units and start destroying the base of your enemy. I strongly advise you to start out with being Persia so you can create War Elephants. Upgrade them to Elite War Elephants and start taking out enemy houses, town centers, and villagers. Bring along some Trebuchets and start destroying the enemy castle. If you are playing a regicide, always bring a few heavy cavalry archers and start killing the king." - Roy Stundenbecker

"build lots of castles and that would be your defence so you can got to the enemy with all your guys and kick but well there tring to kill you." - joan of arc

"I am an experienced veteran of this game and I used to be in clan when we would have clan wars ( this is over the net ) we would always have one player with a huge economy and no army just collecting every thing and tributing this way if any one is running low this player can tribute heaps of stuff and that way your clan never runs out of resources have one player just build archers one just build cavalry and one to defend every one else on the team this way your clan can't lose. I am only giving out this tip because have seen the quality of some clans playing on the net and they are crap They use no team work at all!" - Doogie