BloodRayne Review

In BloodRayne, you are a young woman named Rayne.  However, you are not an ordinary young woman, you are a Dhampir, a half vampire born of a human mother.  As a Dhampir, you possess many of the strengths of a vampire, while being free of many of the weaknesses.  When you were a teenager you were recruited by the Brimstone Society, a secret organization devoted to protecting the world from supernatural threats, and became known as Agent BloodRayne.  Your latest mission will take you deep into the Louisiana swamps on what appears to be a standard zombie attack, but soon embroils you in a Nazi plot to use the power of the occult to realize their dreams of world dominance.

Agent ScreenshotsBloodRayne's vampire heritage endows her with a whole host of special powers.  First of all, she is incredibly agile, and has the ability to jump, leap, and flip like a gymnast on the moon.  She is armed with large silver blades attached to her forearms and dagger-heeled (literally) boots, and these combined with her agility turn her into a slashing machine of death.  As you progress through the game, you'll gain higher level attacks that will allow you to string combos together to unleash an even more lethal flurry of blades.

As you attack enemies with your, you will build up a blood lust in Agent BloodRayne.  This can then be unleashed as a blood rage, which make Agent BloodRayne move faster and allows her to use special combo attacks.

Agent BloodRayne also gains additional supernatural senses as the game progresses.  Aura sense allows you to see enemies and their state of health, even in darkness and fog.  It also provides a spectral glow around objectives, to guide you in your missions.  Extruded view allows you to see far in the distance, and doubles as a sniper attack.  Dilated perception is by far the most interesting of the enhanced vision modes.  It allows you to slow time around you to the point where you can watch the paths of bullets and avoid them.  Run sideways with guns blazing, add a flip, and suddenly you are in The Matrix.  Sure, it's been done in other games, but it looks really good in this one.  Dilated perception is an innate ability, so once you gain it you can use it to your heart's content as there is not timer or energy associated with it.  It can be a heck of a lot of fun to do a somersault into a mass of Nazi soldiers and then kick in the dilated perception just before your blades strike.

Probably the most famous of vampire traits is their ability to gain sustenance by sucking blood.  Agent BloodRayne is no exception to this, and you can pounce on nearby enemies to suck their blood.  This replenishes your health while removing all life from your victim.  For those enemies that keep their distance, you have a harpoon and chain which can be used to impale your enemies and bring them in close for a quick snack. 

Agent BloodRayne can also use more conventional weapons such such as pistols, shotguns, machine guns, and even the occasional panzerfaust.  Weapon management is pretty much automatic.  You'll automatically pick up and arm weapons you come across, discard them when they are out of ammo, and will auto-aim at the nearest enemy.  All that's left for you to do is to pull the trigger.  While busting into a room with both guns blazing in different directions looks exciting, the simple fact is that it does take some of the sport out of it.