Scarface: The World is Yours Review

“Say hello to my little friend!” That famous line marks the beginning of the end for Scarface in the movie, as after much bloodshed and cursing Tony Montana is finally iced by one of his attackers. This line also marks the beginning of the Scarface game, which you’d think would make for a spectacularly violent but exceedingly short game. That would be the case if the game followed the movie’s plot, but things work out a little differently for Tony in the game. The game takes an alternate reality approach to the storyline in which Tony successfully fights his way out of his home invasion predicament and survives to rebuild his empire. This is a clever way for the game to recreate the Scarface experience without forcing the player to retrace the events of the movie and it’s ultimately tragic outcome. Well, tragic for Tony Montana that is. He was a murderous drug kingpin after all and I have to say that he pretty much got what he deserved. But I digress, the real issue here is whether or not it is fun to be Tony Montana strictly in a video game sense. So pull that octopus out of your ears, er, eyes, and let’s see if that’s the case in Scarface: The World is Yours…

If you had to sum up Scarface: The World is Yours in a few words, you’d be tempted to say that it’s “GTA: Vice City with Tony Montana.” While it is certainly true that Scarface bears an almost doppelganger-like resemblance to Vice City, calling the game a GTA clone would be selling it short. In the GTA games the free-roam component is more the star of the show than the story, while in Scarface the opposite is more of the case. All of the activities in the game are tied to the overall goal of rebuilding your empire and taking your revenge on Sosa, the man who ordered the attack on you that almost left you dead.

The World is Yours puts you in Miami in the early 1980s, recreating the streets and neighborhoods of that city and challenging you to corner the drug market as you knock of rival gangs and amass vast amounts of wealth. This is primarily accomplished by the game’s story missions which can be activated at any time by visiting a key location marked on your map and initiating the mission. When not in a mission, you can look for the hangouts of rival gangs and go in guns blazing. Knocking rival gangs out of their haunts helps you to establish territory and gain more power, but it also has a tendency to perturb the other gangs to the point where they will begin to shoot you on sight. You can also earn yourself some extra cash by finding a drug supplier and then passing the yeyo on to street dealers. If you’re willing to do a little more legwork upfront, acquiring businesses and using them as a front for your drug operations is a great way to earn even more income.


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