The Evil Within: The Assignment Review

Player(s): 1
Extra Features: N/A

The Evil Within main game was an atmospheric survival horror that really nailed what I expect out of action-focused survival horror games nowadays and I've been waiting for the DLC for quite some time. The season pass for the DLC went on sale around the time that the game released and it's been six months since then and now we are finally getting the first of the three campaign chapter add-ons. The first chapter is entitled "The Assignment" and it's the first part of a two-part campaign that serves as a side story that happens during the timeline of the main game.

In The Assignment, players take on the role of Juli Kidman - one of the police officers from the main game storyline. Kidman has been assigned to track down Leslie from an organization that we don't know too much about yet. If you remember Kidman's appearances in the main game then you'll have a lot of fun with the sequences in The Assignment. This DLC reminds me a lot of how Separate Ways worked so well in conjunction with Leon's campaign in Resident Evil 4. The Assignment has a few places where Kidman will meet up with Sebastian and Jonathon and now we get to see how she eventually got to those meeting places and what was going on behind the scenes during the meetings. The Assignment offers more of a look into Dr. Jimenez and more information about the STEM program rather than focusing on Ruvik like the main game.

The Evil Within: The Assignment screenshot 1

Unlike the main game of The Evil Within, The Assignment has some very different gameplay and it's quite a satisfying and unexpected change from Sebastian's gameplay in the main campaign. I was expecting to start the game with a gun and go around shooting Haunted enemies just like in the main game, but Kidman's gameplay is more stealth-based. You'll be spending most of your time crouched over and creeping along walls and inside air ducts to avoid enemies. Kidman gains access to a flashlight near the beginning of her journey and she will need it for all the dark corridors ahead. She can use her flashlight to activate hidden areas along walls that are labeled with symbols - these can open up new doors or new interactive objects for players.

Kidman's stealth game is mainly based around sneaking by enemies by luring them to certain areas or by simply crouching and moving quietly. You can use a "call" move where Kidman will yell to gain an enemy's attention and then you can sneak by them by going in the opposite direction. Kidman can also distract enemies by calling up a phone in another room and then locking the enemy in that room once it is lured inside. Kidman can use an instant kill stealth attack once she gains an axe, but she isn't much of a fighter. There is one shooting segment to break up the stealth a bit, but Kidman's game is primarily a game of hide and seek along with a bit of puzzle solving. There are also a few collectibles to find and plenty of documents to read.

The enemies in the game are composed of Haunted enemies from Sebastian's campaign along with a few new enemies. There is one enemy that is blind and crawls along the ground - it explodes if it comes in contact with Kidman. There is another new enemy that appears to have a diving helmet with a flashlight inside of it on its head. The body is tall and slender and it has female legs with high heels. This enemy is truly creepy once you see what it is capable of and it wanders the halls calling out to Kidman. This DLC has some very nice horror moments in it that truly stand out as being unique when compared to the main game. There is one boss fight that is similar to a battle in The Last of Us where Kidman must sneak around the hallways of an area and attack an enemy from behind. There is also another area where she must avoid an enemy by sneaking around a room without behind noticed while waiting on an elevator.

The Evil Within: The Assignment screenshot 3

The game has a mode called "Kurayami" mode that can be played once the game is beaten and there is also a New Game+. Kurayami mode places the player in complete darkness where only the flashlight can illuminate the pitch blackness all around the player - it's not that much of a challenge after the first playthrough since you know where everything already is, but at least it's a reason to replay the campaign. Judging by this first piece of the DLC campaign for Kidman, The Evil Within's season pass looks to be a great value while clocking in at only $20. The Assignment lasted me for a little over 4 hours and it was quite satisfying from both a gameplay and a story point of view.

The Good:
+ New enemies
+ Satisfying change in gameplay (stealth) compared to the main game
+ Adds more story that helps to explain some events in the main game

The Bad:
- That widescreen format with no ability to change it... I still hate it

Final Rating: 85%. The Assignment is the first piece of Evil Within DLC and it makes the season pass seem very promising.


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