Bring To Light Review

Player(s): 1
Extra Features: N/A

Bring to Light is a first person horror game developed and published by Red Meat Games. You start in a subway train and have a crash then you must try to find your way out of the tunnels. As you explore the tunnels you start to find strange creatures lurking in the darkness and not all is well with the world. Your main source of light is a cell phone light that only lights the area directly in front of your character.

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Bring to Light has some good horror atmosphere and it is quite a dark game from the start. Light sources are nearly required to light your way throughout much of the early levels. The game has a few jump scares here and there but they feel very random and uninspired. It's like a sudden jump scare just to keep you on edge then you won't find another scare until the next stage.

The majority of the early game has a lot of areas where you will have to sneak past enemies while trying to find items to progress. You'll often have to find fuses or keys to open gates or doors. Along with your cell phone light, you'll get access to a flashlight and lantern. More powerful light sources will actually drive enemies back once they are caught in the light. Even though Bring to Light starts out with the focus on sneaking past enemies while collecting items to help you progress, the game turns into a rather hardcore puzzle game once you near the end. The majority of puzzles toward the end are light puzzles and they are quite fun. You have to use mirrors to direct light to certain panels in order to open doors. The puzzles can get extremely complex but they are well thought out.

The main problem with the puzzles and sneaking gameplay is that they are not balanced well. Whenever the game switches to light puzzles, it goes really hardcore with those puzzles and nearly forgets about survival horror gameplay until the game ends. The game also doesn't have much of a story at all. You literally just start out after a train wreck and explore with no purpose and continue to explore with little reason. Even by the time the game ends, I was still in the dark about what was actually going on.

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The game has two endings to it, brought on by two choices at the end. There are many collectibles to find that give you a bit of random lore - the notes start out very vague and then suddenly go into some sort of side story told through letters. The game took me around 4 hours to complete. If you're a fan of puzzles, you might find something to enjoy later in the game, but for fans of survival horror gameplay, the atmosphere is decent, but the overall gameplay is rather dull.

The Good:
+ Good puzzles that start around the midway point of the game

The Bad:
- The game has nearly no story
- The enemies are lackluster
- The scares feel out of place

Final Rating: 50% - Bring to Light is an uninspired mess of a horror game that should stay in the darkness.


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