MXGP Pro Review

Player(s): 1
Extra Features: Online Multiplayer

MXGP Pro is a dirt bike racing simulator developed and published by Milestone. This game is my first experience with a dirt bike simulator. I'm not the biggest fan of simulator racers because of their steep learning curve. MXGP is basically no exception and this game does not really try to help out newcomers at all. MXGP Pro has a tutorial mode that teaches the basics of the game. It also has free mode that allows players to drive throughout an open forest and the tracks that surround it to get the feel of the driving. Once I got into any of the single player modes, the game got very punishing even on the lowest of difficulties. Other racers never seem to mess up at all and they seem nearly impossible to pass without absolutely perfect dirt bike control. On top of all this, the game has 30+ second load screens to go through in between races.

For single player, the game offers Grand Prix, Time Attack, Career, and Championship modes. There is also a training mode that takes you through several challenges to complete. The training mode has a list of challenges to complete for every training type - such as in-air control, cornering, etc. There is also a customize mode that allows you to customize the appearance of your bike and rider. The bikes all have different appearances and colors along with a difference in handling. The rider options are limited for the physical attributes (mainly face and height), but the overall outfit design (where it matters most for this type of game) has many options. All the customization items can be bought with MX Points that you get from playing the game. The game's multiplayer has a quick match option that will throw you into whatever match is currently available and there is an option to customize the mode of play - you can choose from Grand Prix or Championship.

MXGP Pro screenshot 8

The game's visuals are quite impressive for a racer. Mud flies up behind your bike and there is a constant haze from the sun on sunny tracks while driving. While up near other races, the mud will be constantly flying up against the screen. The lighting is quite impressive and the overall tracks that I saw had many jumps and turns to conquer. The spotlights on dark tracks and overall lighting on them looks really good. My only problem with the graphics is that the shrubbery doesn't look that realistic. Branches of leaves on trees all look paper thin with sharp edges from up close.

MXGP Pro is not bad. I really think a player that enjoys racing simulators might find something to enjoy with it. If I could get past its extreme learning curve for first time players, I bet I could have a lot of fun with it. It's hard to have fun with a game when you can't even beat the first track on any single player mode when all the other racers leave you in the dust (or dirt and mud) however.

The Good:
+ Good visuals
+ Interesting track designs

The Bad:
- Long load times
- Very tough on beginners

Final Rating: 50% - MXGP Pro might be a good racer for more experienced racing simulator players, but for beginners it's a nightmare.


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