Remothered: Tormented Fathers Review

Player(s): 1
Extra Features: N/A

Back in early 2000 Capcom was on a roll with many really good third-person action games including survival horrors. Haunting Ground and Clock Tower 3 made for some really great hide-and-seek horror experiences and we really haven't had many games that came close to those besides the original Clock Tower and its sequel. Haunting Ground was such an underrated horror with a very unique feel to it. Remothered: Tormented Fathers is a third-person survival horror developed by Stormind Games and published by Darril Arts and it catches the same type of feel that I experienced when playing Haunting Ground.

We take on the role of Rosemary Reed, a doctor who comes to the Felton residence under the guise of evaluating Dr. Felton's current mental state. She secretly wants to find out they mystery of what happened to his daughter Celeste. After an encounter with Dr. Felton and his physician, Rosemary is asked to leave and decides to sneak into the residence to search the house for herself, and that is where the true survival experience begins.

Remothered: Tormented Fathers screenshot 22

Rosemary is constantly chased by a variety of stalkers while exploring the Felton residence and must use her wits to survive while finding items that will help her advance into different sections of the house. Hiding and running plays a big part of the gameplay of Remothered, and we also get the chance to fight back a bit by tossing items at the enemies in order to stun them for a few seconds. All attack items are used for diversion purposes or simply to give you a few seconds to put some distance between you and your attackers. Rosemary can tie doors to lock them, place bells on the floor and toss diversion items into areas to keep her stalker busy for a while.

Running from your attackers plays a big part in Remothered. You'll run into situations where you'll simply have to run and hide. While hiding, if your attacker is very close, you'll get a quick mini game where you'll be forced to stay quiet while the attacker searches outside your hiding place. Starting out, you have a two-story house to run around in and you'll unlock doors that were previously locked while progressing through the story. One annoying part about the run-and-hide gameplay is that you have two REALLY big halls on the ground and first floor that are an open invitation for your stalker to see you and they are really good at catching you in these hallways. The ground floor hallways isn't that bad since you can unlock some corridors to the side of it, but the second floor hallway is just basically a hallway with only a few rooms to the side and not many places for hiding. Eventually, I got used to the long hallways, but the thought still comes up when a stalker refuses to step out of one of the hallways I want to enter.

Sound plays a HUGE involvement in getting around the mansion so headphones are a must if you plan to fully enjoy the game. You can hear stalkers as they walk by and mumble a few phrases and can easily keep up with where they are based on their voice and steps along the wooden floor. There is also a sound that plays over and over as your stalker gets close to Rosemary - these sound cues help out a bunch when trying to figure out where your attacker is as they get closer. The closer the stalker gets, the longer and louder the sound will get. There is a jolting sound effect whenever a stalker sees Rosemary that nearly always makes me jump.

Remothered: Tormented Fathers screenshot 11

The overall gameplay is very fun and doesn't traverse far from the run and hide gameplay that you'll find in Haunting Ground. As you get closer to the end, QTEs start to surface but they never truly get annoying. The story to the game is quite epic. The story is full of twists and turns and gets deliciously crazy as Rosemary figures out more of the secrets behind the Felton family. Voice acting and sounds are good and the graphics are overall decent for a lower budget game. The character of Rosemary has a very strong resemblance to Jodie Foster's Clarice Starling from The Silence of the Lambs. The controls to the game work very well for the type of gameplay the game offers. You normally walk when moving and have to hold a button to run and you can toggle into a crouch stance. Stalkers can hear Rosemary depending on how close they are with every step she takes unless she is crouched. Rosemary can silently open doors while crouching to peek inside of them or she can bust through doors when running from stalkers.

The stalkers in the game are very well thought-out in design and all of them have a certain level of creep factor. As you progress through the story, the stalkers start to pick up in overall creepiness. The Red Nun is truly a fantastic creation from both sound and overall looks. She is just as memorable as the maid from Haunting Ground for me. Without headphones, Remothered can be very frustrating to play since it is hard to hear the location of stalkers, but with headphones or a good surround-sound setup, the game is truly a pleasure to play. My only real complaint with Remothered is just that it would have been great if it were a bit longer. It tells a great overall story, but it felt like it could have been longer. Either way, the game is a definite pickup for survival horror fans that love hide and seek style horror gameplay.

The Good:
+ Fun hide and seek gameplay
+ Good overall sound
+ The story is quite interesting

The Bad:
- The game could have been a bit longer
- The two long hallways in the game can be annoying to pass through when avoiding stalkers - the first floor needs more hiding places in its hallway

Final Rating: 80% - Fans of hide-and-seek horror games will have a field day with Remothered: Tormented Fathers.


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