Action Henk Review

The best way to describe Action Henk is a game that does something very simple incredibly well. Like many platform-racing games before it, Action Henk's main and only goal is to get you from one side of a level to the other, and quickly. It manages to accomplish this goal in a highly entertaining way that makes the seemingly monotonous task still fun hours after playing.

Playing Action Henk brings me back to my younger days when I would play endless amounts of Flash Trials games on sketchy internet game sites, just trying to get a faster score than my friend. That's really the entire basis of Action Henk, except that you don't need a friend to race against: the game gives you times to beat in order to earn medals and unlock new levels to race on in the game.

The game is played with you as the runner. You run, slide, and jump through a level that forces you to decide the best times to do those things. It requires timing and spatial reasoning throughout, but is never too difficult to do.

Medals are earned by beating a predetermined time on a certain race. Before every race, the game asks you which medal you're going for, and gives you a corresponding ghost to race against in order to check your progress as you go along. This also keeps the game incredibly interesting and exciting, as you're constantly racing and trying to do every little thing that you can to get ahead of the ghost.

Action Henk screenshot 2

The story of Action Henk is simple as well. Basically, all of the characters are toys in a play room. One of the toys, Dr. Kentony, has an evil robot twin who has stolen our main character's, Action Henk, trophy that has named him the best toy. At the end of each level pack, you race against another specialized toy in order to be able to use him or her as a character in future races.

The controls are very tight, and the game is as easy or hard as you want it to be. The earlier levels provided very little challenge, and I was able to get at least a silver medal on the first try of all of them. However, as the game goes on, the levels obviously get harder until it will take you multiple tries just to get to the end, let alone get a medal. Regardless, the game rewards multiple attempts at a level by keeping the same basic game mechanics throughout, so any difficult humps to get over can be gotten over in just a few tries.

I had an absolutely blast with this game, and was just what I needed at the game. The game is short, fast, and exciting, and it was very easy to just sit down and play a few levels or try to get a better time, even when I was busy. Action Henk is an awesome, simple game for gamers of any age or skill level.

Final Rating: 95% - Action Henk is simple, but knows its strengths and plays to them throughout, and the result is a fast-paced, highly enjoyable experience.


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