Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution Review

Player(s): 1-2
Extra Features: Local multiplayer (1-2), Online multiplayer (2-8), Leaderboards

Usually when a fighting game series keeps releasing upgraded versions of the original game, they keep all the content intact and add more extras to the new release. With Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution, it strips away the previous campaign and cutscenes and adds in another campaign and extra cutscenes. The way it does this is kind of a double-edge sword depending on how you look it. Fans that have kept up with the Ultimate Ninja Storm series and already bought Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 probably won't mind this, but if you're looking for the ultimate version of Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 then you'll need to buy Full Burst and Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution.

Revolution brings in the full cast from previous incarnations of Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 along with new characters. The full cast is now up to over 100 characters, which is absolutely amazing for a fighting game! There is tons of variety in the cast. Some of the characters are unlocked from the start, but many of the other characters have to be unlocked through one of the campaigns in the game. The game still includes the online mode and just about every other single player option from Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 except for that game's campaign.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution screenshot 1

Revolution adds in three new story modes for one of its main features. The new story mode is called "Ninja Escapades" and includes three new campaigns with new cutscenes. Unlike the story mode campaign in Storm 3, the one for Revolution has no extra platforming stages - it's all cutscenes leading up to fights. The extra cutscenes are just as interesting as the story mode from Ultimate Ninja Storm 3, but unless you've been following the story up until now, the story will feel quite random to you since there is no way to play catch up on Revolution with the previous story.

Ninja World Tournament is the main campaign mode for Revolution. This mode has platforming in between fights just like the previous campaign from Ultimate Ninja Storm 3. The mode has a few campaigns that all involve stories surrounding a ninja tournament. One story allows you to choose whichever character you want and then engage in tournaments and one story involves a new character (Mecha-Naruto). Tournament battles are often fought in a 4 versus 4 style of play. This style is much like a Power Stone 2 type of brawling. Four characters are on the screen at once and each one must battle the other three to gain orbs from hitting them. The player with the most orbs will win the fight.

The tournament fights are fun, but they are hard to control when fighting. You lock on to an opponent and then you can switch between opponents by pressing the right thumbstick in a direction. The lock-on doesn't always switch and the entire tournament match can be quite chaotic. Usually, you will have one character that locks on to your character and continually attacks and chases you throughout the match, but sometimes other opponents will intervene and you'll get hit from behind. It becomes a bit annoying at times. Power Stone 2 did the 4 versus 4 fights much better than Revolution.

Naruto Shippuden: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution screenshot 3

In between the tournament battles, you'll get the chance to run around an area map and collect or buy items. You'll also be able to recruit extra partner characters by performing side quests after speaking with a group in between tournaments. Tournaments sometimes allow the use of partner characters but they must first be unlocked and then added to your team before the match. The Mecha-Naruto tournament mode feels much more like a true story mode although you can only play as a few characters unlike the other mode. The Mecha-Naruto tournament also has more areas to explore and takes many of those areas from the Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 campaign.

If you're a Naruto fan and you already have played Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 then Revolution might be worth a try for you. Players that have not played Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 and are looking for the ultimate version of that game should buy Full Burst instead of Revolution since Revolution discards the previous campaign in favor of new campaigns. Revolution is a great game if you want one with every single character, but from a story perspective, it does not tell a full story by itself.

The Good:
+ Extra story mode and extra campaign
+ Over 100 characters in the roster now

The Bad:
- The game doesn't include any of the previous Storm 3 campaign or cutscenes

Final Rating: 80%. Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm Revolution has all the fighters from the previous Ultimate Ninja Storm 3 incarnations and added material but it strips down what we saw in Storm 3 to make room for the extra content.


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