Ultra Street Fighter IV Review

Player(s): 1 - 2
Extra Features: Online Multiplayer, Leaderboards, Download Content

So you thought Arcade Edition was the last and final update to Street Fighter IV? Well, you were dead wrong because we have yet another update to the fighter known as Ultra Street Fighter IV now! Ultra Street Fighter IV is available as a download for PS3 and Xbox 360 for the price of $15 at the moment and a retail version will follow later this year. The update will allow both Super Street Fighter IV and Arcade Edition players to add this update on to their installment for the ultimate version of the game. Ultra Street Fighter IV is overall a much better update than Arcade Edition.

Ultra Street Fighter IV adds the following:
- 5 New characters and balance changes to existing characters
- Option to choose older versions of old cast from past SF4 editions
- Delay Stand and Red Focus Attack
- Ultra Combo Double
- Upload to YouTube option, Team Battle mode and Online Training mode
- New titles, new icons and new trophies/achievements

Ultra Street Fighter IV adds Elena, Rolento, Hugo, Poison and Decapre to the mix of fighters for a grand total of 44 characters to choose from. Just about all of the new fighters are taken directly from Street Fighter x Tekken, but they have been tweaked to make them fit in with the rest of the cast. Decapre is an all knew fighter that is one of M. Bison's dolls from his army. She has the same basic attacks of Cammy and the overall look of Cammy but her special moves and overall play style is much different.

Ultra Street Fighter IV screenshot 31

Along with the cast of new characters is an option to choose the version of older characters. After choosing a character, players are able to choose between Street Fighter IV, Super SF4, Super SF4 2012 or Super SF4: AE depending on if the character was in each of those version or not. This option is limited to certain modes however - it's not available during online play.

Ultra has actual gameplay changes to some areas. Each character can now perform a delay stand where that character will stay on the ground a bit longer than usual by pressing a punch and kick button together while hitting the ground. This can be useful for throwing off your opponent's timing for a follow-up attack once your character stands. There is also a new Red Focus attack that can be done by pressing two punch buttons and a kick button together. Red Focus Attacks take two bars of super meter to perform and they work much like the usual focus attack except your character can take several hits during the attack instead of only one. Just like normal focus attacks, your character can cancel a special move into a red focus attack as well.

While choosing a fighter, players now have a third type of Ultra to choose for all fighters. Each character now has an Ultra Combo Double option. This allows a player to use both fighters' ultras during a match once the revenge gauge has filled, but the ultras will not take off as much as they usually do. The Ultra Combo Double is a great option for when I just wanted to see both ultras for a fighter, but one of the ultras is often more useable when compared to the other, so it was often best just to choose either one ultra or the other and have them take off more damage, but some characters have better ultras, such as a super grab or super attack combination, so your miles may vary depending on the character chosen. The online portion remains basically unchanged except for the newer options of uploading to YouTube, online training and an online team battle mode.

Ultra Street Fighter IV screenshot 21

At only $15, the Ultra Street Fighter IV upgrade is a perfect purchase for hardcore fans of Street Fighter IV that already own the Super or Arcade Edition version. Unlike the Arcade Edition upgrade, Ultra adds more unique characters and it has gameplay enhancements that are interesting to try out. The game also seems to add in several of the stages from Street Fighter x Tekken, so you'll have many more stages to fight in. For players that own Street Fighter x Tekken, you can unlock the alternate outfits for all of the five new fighters from the start if you still have your Street Fighter x Tekken save file on your system.

The Good:
+ 5 new characters
+ Many more enhancements than Arcade Edition

The Bad:
- Many of the new characters are taken from SF x T

Final Rating: 82%. Ultra Street Fighter IV adds even more characters and enhancements making this version the ultimate version of Street Fighter IV.


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