DmC Devil May Cry: Vergil's Downfall Review

Player(s): 1
Extra Features: Leaderboards

Vergil's Downfall is the download content (DLC) for DmC Devil May Cry where a player gets to play as Dante's brother Vergil following the events of the main campaign. This six mission campaign tells the story of what happens to Vergil after he leaves Dante and Kat behind in Limbo City after the fall of Mundus. The full campaign clocks in at 3 hours long and has two unique normal enemies and a unique boss.

Vergil plays much different from his brother Dante. Vergil gains access to new moves as he progresses through the missions of the DLC campaign. He only ever has his Yamato sword, but he gains access to charging it with angel power and demon power to perform different moves with it. While holding the left shoulder button, he can perform angel moves with Yamato and while holding the right shoulder button, he can perform demon moves with Yamato. Vergil's projectile weapon is his magically produced set of Summoned Swords. He gains access to a variety of Summoned Sword moves through his devil trigger such as Blistering Swords and Spiral Swords later on. Vergil also has his own unique devil trigger Doppelganger move.

Like Dante, Vergil starts out rather weak and must upgrade his abilities through the use of skill points. Health crosses and Devil Trigger crosses must be bought in order to upgrade his health and devil trigger gauge respectively. Vergil must find health cross fragments hidden throughout his many missions along with Lost Souls much like Dante. The majority of Vergil's moves are unique to him, but some of them resemble Dante's moves - such as Stomp, Hightime and Helmbreaker. Vergil relies more on quick hits and speed compared to Dante's more powerful and flashy approach of gameplay.

I felt Vergil was actually very hard to play as from the start. He starts his game SO very limited compared to Dante. His game was quite hard on Nephilim difficulty until I learned how to use his unique moves to my advantage. Vergil runs across two new normal enemies that have unique attack patterns. The first enemy is the Wisp. The Wisp must be shot with Summoned Swords to expose its solid form then it can be damaged. The Imprisoner is the other new normal enemy. The Imprisoner is a real powerhouse of an enemy and feels much like a miniboss in areas where it is fought. There is also a unique boss exclusive to Vergil's campaign that I won't spoil for you.

The majority of the story is shown through animated comic-style cutscenes. At first, this change felt like a turnoff since the game switches between this style and the normal in-game cutscenes that were used throughout the main game of DmC. This change is both good and bad. It messed up the flow of the story on my first time through, but as I see the cutscenes more, I realize that they show a much more sinister look to each character's expressions that the game is trying to go for with its darker storyline. The game tells the story of Vergil's descent into darkness and the comic-style cutscenes do help to provide a more sinister look to the characters overall, but the overall look is quite different from what we are used to seeing from the main game of DmC.

The character voices are fantastic. The voice work is just as good as it was in DmC. The voice actor for Vergil once again reprises his role and the other characters that appear from the main campaign still have the same voices as well. The music is no longer a mix of rock and dubstep music like in Dante's campaign. It is now a mix of moody tunes or orchestral music.

The graphics are just as well done as they were in the main game of DmC. The environments are still bright and otherworldly much like the Limbo stages from Dante's game. Vergil is in a type of spirit realm and not in Limbo so there are no images of real world humans in the area. The gameplay is still just as good as it was in the main game, but Vergil will take some getting used to in order to learn him. He's overall harder to play than Dante, but there is a sense of satisfaction in learning him. It's so very sad that Vergil is not playable in Bloody Palace with this DLC upgrade. Dante is still the only character that is playable even after purchasing this upgrade. With both campaign characters available to be chosen in DMC3 and DMC4 I surely expected Vergil to be added to Bloody Palace in DmC, but he is not.

Vergil's Downfall is a great side story to continue the story of the main game of DmC for any fan that enjoyed Dante's campaign. The game clocked in at three hours long on my first time through all of its six missions. One of those missions is a boss fight and the other five are unique missions. Some of the backgrounds are taken from Dante's stages, but all of it is redone to where everything looks new and fresh. If you have DmC Devil May Cry, be sure to pick up Vergil's Downfall to see what happens to Vergil after the events of DmC - it's well worth it!

The Good:
+ Vergil's own unique sidestory
+ Vergil plays much different from Dante
+ Two new normal enemies and one new boss
+ Major cutscenes are in a comic style

The Bad:
- Vergil cannot be played in Bloody Palace
- Major cutscenes are in a comic style

Final Rating: 82%. Vergil's Downfall tells the story of what happens to Vergil after the events of DmC Devil May Cry and is a welcome add-on to the main campaign.


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