Saints Row: The Third - Gangstas In Space Review

Contrary to what the title may imply, Gangstas in Space doesn't take place in space.  In fact, it takes place in good old Steelport.  The DLC's title refers to the title of a movie that's being filmed in Steelport by the maniacal director Andy Zhen.  He wants an actual gangster in the starring role, and what better gangster is there in Steelport than the leader of The Saints?  Acting talent is not required, which is a good thing considering the awkward and wooden delivery of your in-game persona.  You graciously accept the offer to be a star and report for shooting of what will be the first of three extended action scenes...

Gangstas in Space may be a movie but the gun and laser fire is deadly, a fact that you seem to take in stride, chafing more at Zhen's dictatorial directing style than at the hordes of extras trying to kill you.  You and your costar Jenny, who plays the alien princess Kwilanna, break character and verbally spar with Zhen more than you deliver actual lines of dialog and this, along with the skewering of action movie clich�s, provides the vehicle for delivering more of that trademark Saints Row: The Third humor.

Saints Row: The Third - Gangstas In Space screenshot 3

Story-wise Gangstas in Space is more of a running gag than it is a complete narrative, but at least it's somewhat cohesive when compared to the splice job that was its DLC predecessor, GenkiBowl VII.  This DLC breaks down into three missions accessed one after the other through your cell phone.  The first one takes place outdoors as you must rescue Kwilanna from the military.  The second is an indoor battle at a studio that has you breaking the fourth wall (at least within the game) as the fighting breaks out into the corridors between sound stages.  The final mission is an aerial battle in which you must fight other alien ships while performing stunts such as flying under bridges to please Zhen.  The very fact that you're fighting alien space babes instead of rival gangs makes this DLC a change of pace, as does the chance to use some alien weaponry and fly an alien fighter that handles like a jump jet.  Successfully completing each mission will earn you the usual cash and reputation, and on completing the whole thing you'll earn the right to call on Jenny (as Kwilanna) as one of your homies and you'll have some shiny new alien additions to your hangar.  All told you'll be finished with Gangstas in Space in between one to two hours, and since the DLC is mission-based instead of activity-based once you're done, you're done (a message after you complete the missions informs you that you'll need to reload a saved game to replay them, which is a message that probably should have been conveyed to you at the start).

Gangstas in Space was fun to play through and I enjoyed the fact that it was story-based and fully voiced after having played through the disappointing GenkiBowl VII.  On the other hand, I still expect to get more than two hours out of pay DLC, even if there's a spaceship waiting for me in my garage after I'm done.

Final Rating: 77%. At least it will help you to forget GenkiBowl VII...


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