Deus Ex: Human Revolution The Missing Link Review

Player(s): 1
Extra Features: Download Content

In Deus Ex: Human Revolution's main story, there was a part where Adam Jensen got in a stasis pod in a crate in order to travel inside of a freighter. Adam lost communication with his team for a while and all the player got to see was Adam arriving at his destination a few seconds after entering the stasis pod. The new Missing Link download content, available on PS3 and Xbox for $14.99 or 1200 points tells the story of what happened to Adam in between those moments.

As the story starts out, Adam is confined and tortured by Belltower agents. Adam eventually escapes capture. All of his augments are disabled, so he must fight without the majority of them and regain some of them as he progresses. Adam starts out just like he does at the beginning of Human Revolution for the most part. A player must regain his augments through praxis kits.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution The Missing Link screenshot 1

The game still retains the overall familiar gameplay found in Human Revolution. As already mentioned, Adam must reactivate his augments through praxis kits found in the environment and praxis kits gained from leveling with experience. The game still gives more experience points for finding hidden routes and dispatching enemies quietly from the shadows. The focus is still on stealth for the most part, but Adam can engage in direct combat as well, though he will receive little reward for doing.

The Missing Link has a few weapons from the main game. The stun gun, handgun, shotgun, rocket launcher, tranquilizer gun, heavy machine gun and sniper rifle were the main weapons that I found. After playing Human Revolution, I was very adjusted to the stealth element of Deus Ex so I didn't even need most of the weapons since I was constantly performing melee moves from behind enemies the majority of the time.

The beginning of the game takes place on a ship although Adam will find himself in different locations as the game progresses. All surroundings are completely new throughout the whole game - nothing is recycled at all. All characters that Adam meets are new and The Missing Link tells quite a good story that adds to the deep story of Human Revolution. The game clocks in at 5-6 hours of gameplay.

Deus Ex: Human Revolution The Missing Link screenshot 2

The beginning ship interiors are much like a maze - if Adam didn't have markers, it would be easy to get lost until you become familiar with the surroundings. The overall environments in The Missing Link are quite large. Announcements over the intercom echo throughout the ship as Adam passes through its corridors and all other weapon and combat sound effects are in place like in Human Revolution. All characters are voiced just as well as in the main game. The new characters all have their own uniqueness about them that makes them interesting.

The only flaw I can truly find with The Missing Link is that there is nothing really new in terms of gameplay and there aren't any decisive conversations like in the main game - no persuasion mini games. If you're a fan of Human Revolution, The Missing Link is a for sure buy for you. It's just as fun as the main game and adds to the main game's overall story.

The Good:
+ Download content that adds to the main story of Human Revolution
+ New characters and locations

The Bad:
- No persuasion mini games

Final Rating: 83%. Adam snuck aboard a freighter in the main story of Human Revolution and he had quite a journey aboard that freighter while separated from his team!


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